My mom used to tell me that I am an octopus. One that has 8 arms, stretching out to do different things at the same time. Yes, she is right! I am the one that like to keep myself busy all the time. I don’t like to do nothing; I feel that it is a waste of time. I am my own motivator; I always have a goal, different goal in different stage of my life.  Even though in the movie “Eat pray love”, they appreciate the concept of “bello fa niente” — “good to do nothing”. Yeah, may be 5 minutes to me, no more than that, I will feel boring very soon. All my friends told me that I have unlimited energy and I am very determine to pursue my goal.

I grew up with my goal to be an interior designer. Then, people around me told me that I have great fashion sense. I finally had my degree in Fashion Design with a special interest in Lingerie. Since then, I have been a lingerie designer for over 20 years now.

I have lots of other interest too. I love travelling, reading, writing, photography, hula dance, piano, interior design, fashion, architecture, forensic science, music, opera, antique, sculpture, painting, psychology, public speaking… and most of the time, I am a thinker.

I like to share with you my vision of fashion and lingerie (the coming trend in terms of silhouette, color, details, and material), travelling tips. Where to shop bargain clothes and accessories? Where to shop vintage? How to develop your fashion sense? How to choose your outfits to fit your personality and your image as who you are. I will also share videos with you about different kinds of trick of “How to?” in the fashion field. I will lead you guidelines of exploring your greatest asset of your own body and to hide your “not so great” part of your body. Let people see your greatest only.

I will also take you with me in my everyday life, to the fashion show that I go, share with you my pictures and videos that I took. We will have a lot of fun and I would like to hear any feed back or questions that you have at any time.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Have a wonderful week!



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