Something about me…


I am a lingerie designer for over 20 years. I have been living in 7 different cities in 4 different countries and in 3 different continents. I speak fluent Chinese (Cantonese), English and Italian.

I have passion in fashion and especially lingerie. I would like to share with you my vision in the fashion industry. Tips and tricks that I learned through out the years to gain your fashion awareness. I will also share with you all the up-coming trends in the fashion world. I travel to Paris, Milan, London and other major cities in Europe twice a year, I will post photos and videos for you to easily visualize my world. So you will get your first hand information.

Please stay tuned and check my blog often. I hope we can all share our knowledge and everyone who read the blog can get something out of it. Enjoy! I love feedback and please refer your friends to this blog, thank you very much!



6 Responses to Something about me…

  1. Hello Hidi,

    I am going through your Blog and am learning and fascinated by what you offer.
    Thank you for making time to post all those Blogs.

    To your success!

    Robert Gonzalez

  2. lingerissimi says:

    Thank you very much Robert, fashion and lingerie are my passion, plus many more different things. I enjoy writing my articles and I hope I can align my vibration to my readers. Thanks for your kind words.


  3. Georgina Barlow says:

    Hello hidi i wanted to reference your blog in my dissertation is it possible to have your surname?

    • lingerissimi says:

      Sure Georgina! My surname is Lee. Do you found my blog interesting? Is there any other questions or suggestions? Please refer my blog to those who you think might be interested in. Thanks! Good luck to whatever you are working on.
      Hidi Lee

  4. Georgina Barlow says:

    Hey thanks for that. Yea love your blog, i was particularly interested in your surrealism piece. xx

    • lingerissimi says:

      Yes, Georgina, I actually spent a lot of time in searching and organizing and putting my own idea into it. It is my #1 viewed topic, so I guess it does paid off. :^)
      Hidi Lee

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