Mint Siren

Mint Siren was created in 2005 by the Swedish designer Josefine Wing, and quickly became a favorite for many vixen around the world. The Mint Siren woman is proud and confident in her sensuality. She feels sexy of her wonderfully sculpted body when she face in front of her mirror. She feels the power of her attraction within herself. Weather she aims to be an irresistible seductress or just treat herself to a fabulous feeling while managing all the chores of being a woman, Mint Siren intimates are sure to give you an edge.

A simple belt like this, Mint Siren has it’s way to translating it.

No matter it is for the ready to wear industry,

or it is translated into the world of intimacy, it speak for seduction and confident.

Mint Siren speaks both romantic retro and modern fashion. You can also see the hint of burlesque, but in the meantime, it offers their customers to mix and match with their regular wardrobe.

Dressed in luscious silks and rich wools or velvet, they tease and seduce as they please. Mint Siren range offers women’s lingerie, apparel, corsets and accessories. Emphasis is on feminine and luxurious colours as well as sculpting lines enhancing the female shape.

‘Kiss Like Fire And Powder’ – MINT SIREN

‘Kiss Like Fire And Powder’


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