Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli was Born November 15, 1940, in Florence, Italy. Attended the Academy of Art of Florence, Italy in 1957. Cavalli is known for using wild animal prints and sexualized cuts in his design. He told the media that he always get inspired by the world of nature and animals.

Sexy R-Cavalli amazing dress

cavalli campaign1

cavalli campaign7


Roberto Cavalli has a passion for photography and he now unveils his photography exhibit in Milan, in the halls of the Palazzo Morando, located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

The exhibition, entitled “Black Is Not Always Absolute,” reveals Cavalli’s fascination with nature and animals — a major source of inspiration for him. His love of capturing the images through his camera leads him to have crazy ideas which reflected in his work in the fashion industry. He doesn’t have to worry his fashion being too industrial, too commercial or lack of imagination…

The exhibition, which runs until December 12, marks the 70th birthday of the fashion entrepreneur. His extravagant designs and animal-skin prints have become the icon in the major Italian fashion style.

Even his accessories are tie into his creation of fashion pieces.

roberto cavalli sandal snake Roberto Cavalli Sandal with Gold Snake


Robert Cavalli knows how to diversify his fashion kingdom. He has 4 major lines that meets different levels of customers, in terms of price range, and styling, and wear-ability.

Roberto Cavalli – The premier couture line featuring women’s clothing, sunglasses, men’s clothing, women’s & men’s shoes, handbags, timepieces, underwear, beachwear, and eyewear.

Just Cavalli – A more affordable Cavalli line, well-known for its denim. It features: men’s & women’s apparel (mostly sold in upscale department stores) & men’s & women’s accessories.

Roberto Cavalli Class – A newer line by RC, featuring “classy yet sexy” designs. It features men’s & women’s clothing.

Roberto Cavalli Angels – A kid’s line, ages starting from 6 months to 14 years.


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